His professional path has been diverse and enriching. From his early days at The Charles Chip factory to his tenure at Ligon Specialized Haulers, where he started as an over the road driver and soon became office manager. Later, he turned his hobby of woodworking into his livelihood by opening a custom woodworking business. He and his wife raised their two children in Richmond, Virginia. Being self-employed allowed him to remain active in his children's lives.

In 2019, Alton returned to Kentucky to care for his father, Paul Ayer, a commitment that deepened his ties to the community. Witnessing legislative decisions that impacted the future of Kentucky, he felt compelled to take action. After thoughtful consideration and encouragement from local Democrats, he made the decision to run for State Representative for District 12. Throughout his life he has gained the experience that it takes to make the changes necessary in Kentucky.

Alton Ayer's journey began in Livermore, McLean County, Kentucky, where he spent his formative years working on family farms hauling hay and raising tobacoo. After graduating from Livermore High School, he pursued higher education at Oakland City College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.